Benefits Of Membership



The benefits of a Core Dynamics membership are invaluable! 

Countless Opportunities to Give!

Above all, we are go-givers! We invite Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations to visit and present their organization’s vision, services, and needs. Our members have the opportunity to give of their resources. Whether it’s our time, finances, or expertise, we are excited for the opportunity to give!

Weekly Group Relationship-Building Opportunities

Our members meet every week to build relationships, share expert advice, pass referrals, and give back to our communities.

Weekly Individual Relationship-Building Opportunities

Our Members get together outside of our weekly meetings to build meaningful relationships.

Trusted and Relevant Referrals and Connections

There’s no need to cold call your most wanted prospects or referral sources! Our Core members will introduce you to them personally!

Member Showcase Opportunities

Our members have the opportunity to showcase their business and abilities through our Dynamic Speaker presentations.

Personal and Professional Development

We bring in the business experts and the motivational speakers. We learn, grow, and are inspired every week!

Weekly Core Developers

Core Dynamics is full of expertise! Every week our experts share their business and personal tips for success!

Core Values Social Media Membership

Our members-only Core Values Facebook group allows our members to share their events, promotions, specials, products, services and expertise!

Core Dynamic Membership Directory

Our members are showcased on our Core Dynamics website directory, providing exposure for their business and an additional back link for SEO!

Member Input

We value our members and are grateful for their suggestions! The managing partners of Core Dynamics look to, learn from, and implement suggestions of the Core Dynamics family.

Monthly Family-Friendly Gatherings

Our members are family! Every month there are opportunities for our members to join us with their families,  have fun, and build relationships!

Annual Core Dynamics Party

Every year we celebrate our Core Dynamics Family! Members from every group come together to celebrate the year, meet new Core Dynamics members, build relationships, and have a ton of fun!

Trusted Advisers

Our members have relationships with a vast variety of experts. They are considered the “go-to” people in our communities!