What Professionals Are Saying About Core Dynamics…

"Core Dynamics allows me to spread my wings and fill my sails with the winds of passion for small business! I am captivated, inspired, and confident after Core meetings or rubbing new elbows while on the road. Crystel and Dr. Yoder truly ignite the fires within developing extraordinary lives."

-Kory Campbell, Mover Dudes



"Core is a valuable part of my marketing program.  Referrals from Core have the highest closing ratio of any referrals I receive...the best ROI I have ever had."

-Brian Wilkins, Wilkins Insurance


We've been in business since 2009, and through all of our growth and development I've always felt that something was missing. After only a few months in CORE Dynamics I have realized that THIS was the missing piece. Joining CORE is easily one of the best things I've done for my business this year. It is life changing.

-John Habuda, Shenandoah Valley IT


twg"There is no other business group I have participated in over my sales career in which I have gained so much. This is not a networking group, but a relationship building, professional strength building, business coaching, power group. You will not leave a meeting without taking away something to make your life better."

-John McGraw, TWG Insurance



"Core Dynamics is the best thing I could have done for my business! I have met so many like-minded professionals and built lasting relationships!" 

                                                 -Christi Heflin, Alcova Mortgage


blue ink

"Love, Love, Love Core Dynamics! Yes, CORE has grown my business and yes, it's a fantastic business networking group. But more importantly, it's a great place to meet some wonderful people whom I now call friends. Know, like, and trust? Yes, Yes, Yes!"

Jane Silek, Blue Ink Original



"Supportive, intelligent, and fun group of professionals from a variety of industries. It doesn't get any better than this!"

Kimberly DeDapper, Younique



"An abundance of knowledge, experience, energy, and opportunity. A group I am proud to be a part of!"

-Amanda Harris, MarketPlace Realty




"Core Dynamics is a fantastic avenue for not only meeting new business owners but establishing valuable working relationships that generate revenue and good will."

-Niki Cales, Front Royal/Warren County Chamber of Commerce 



"Both Core groups have opened a lot of doors and new opportunities for myself and my business! If you are scared of positive results and awesome team building, stay away from Core Dynamics !"

-Jordan Holton, Mover Dudes




"Before joining Core Dynamics I visited several similar groups. The other groups had the professionalism, but I felt they lacked something. This “Core Dynamics” group has the professionalism, intelligence, and commitment, and has demonstrated this time and time again.  I am very proud to be a part of this amazing group of professionals!"

-Laura Fost, United Bank



"Core Dynamic provides a great opportunity to work with a great team and the platform to develop and grow your network and business."

-Susan Ralls, First Bank

premier copiers
"Core Dynamics has been a great way to meet and get to know like-minded local business owners and company representatives who share your goals and vision. "


"Core Dynamics continues to amaze me week in and week out! I'm honored to be a part of this team of generous, genuine, compassionate, and inspiring professionals. We are more than a dynamic networking group. We are family who supports each other in business and in life!"

-Crystel Lynn Smith, Optimum Impact


Their energy is contagious! They truly make me want to do more, be more, and set goals for myself! 

-Kristina Williams, The Social Prose




Fun! Productive! Fun! Educational! Fun! Business Building! Fun! 

-Nina Hike, Property Management Plus      


I couldn't feel more honored to be a part of this group! I could write paragraphs about the group and people who make it fabulous. It is like having a big extended family who all support and help you be the best "you" possible. I am so blessed to be apart of Core!

-Crystal Lewis, Ms. Do It All  


Core Dynamics, where motivation, determination and encouragement come hand in hand. Where you come together to build relationships with like-minded individuals. Crystel & Sherri lead by example in everything they do.

-Tina Tolliver, Photography by Tina


I was an original member of Core Dynamics and moved to Maryland so I could not continue my membership. When I returned to VA several years later, I searched for Core Dynamics. They had a spot open and I immediately joined the group in Front Royal. My experience with Core has been wonderful. The members really strive to help all of us grow our businesses. In the several months I have been a member, I have received a substantial amount of referrals and written a lot of business. I have also helped others with referrals and they too have closed business. Core is a family and we truly value those relationships. I am not afraid to refer a client, as the members are people I know, like and trust. Anyone joining a networking group should consider Core over all the others. If you want a group that cares about other businesses, Core is it, and will help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

-Brenda McKinney, State Farm


I have been active with Core Dynamics for roughly two wonderful years now. The members are energetic and genuinely interested in my personal and professional success. I have been exposed to dozens of businesses, local leaders, and charities. I feel more connected to my community and I've grown as a person and professional. For me Core Dynamics has been and continues to be a very good decision.

-Bryon Biggs, Edward Jones